with its VPO Concept offers One Stop Solution for Healthcare Procurement of partner Hospitals


One Stop solution for all Medical Supplies

Cost Effective

Significant Procurement Cost Savings 10% - 30%

Product Optimization

Product options with better Quality & Price

Data Based Decision Making

Data-Driven Procurement Transformation

Key Challenges Identified in Medical Supplies Procurement

Revenue Leakage & Operational inefficiencies due to supply chain challenges

Purchase Management

Lack of actionable Data for Purchase Planning, Manual processes, Multiple vendors, Huge SKUs

Product & Price Awareness

Limited Information channels & exposure, lack of regular accessibility of sellers/ availability of stocks


Inefficient processes - High turnaround time for order fulfilment

Inefficient Logistics

Highly fragmented Distribution especially in Tier II & Tier III cities, lengthy order processing

Inventory Management

Inventory losses due to expiries, Excess/Shortage of stock.

Why VPO ?

The Medikabazaar Advantage

Digital front end

Website / App / Customer Service

Sellers and Products Catalogue

13,000+ sellers, 5,00,000+ products

Supply Chain

PAN India Fulfilment centers

Last Mile Delivery

MBGO, Drone Delivery

Benefits for Partner Hospitals

Care Benefits

• Largest Product Catalogue

• Alternate Products / Brands Available

• Quality Assurance

Operational Benefits

• Improved Supply chain

• High time savings

• Timely + Last mile delivery services

Financial Benefits

• Significantly reduced Procurement Cost

• Reduced Inventory

• Lower HR and Transport costs

What our clients say about us

Dr. Ayush Tiwari


Managing costs in these dire times is a big challenge for us. I wish we could have a data-driven process for Purchase Planning to bring down procurement cost and lower our OPEX significantly.


Dr. Nikhil Chitnis


My purchase team has to multitask their lives out in dealing with hundreds of vendors, settling ordering and billing issues, managing watertight turn around time if I could just have a one-stop solution for my procurement woes, that would be a boon for me.


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