Disables up to 99.9% viruses on the surface and in the air, giving you real time protection against infection from coronaviruses in closed spaces.

Shycocan is a USA FDA approved plug and play device that delivers the necessary signals to a photon mediated electron emitters, that produces hypercharge high velocity electrons that interacts with the negative seeking s-protein of the corona family of viruses, thus reducing infectivity and prevents air and surface borne transmission of corona family of viruses. Its hyper charged cannons fire trillions (1-100 trillion electrons per second) of negatively charged ions, creating an electron cloud across closed spaces.

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Technical Details

Parameters values
Estimated P-Electron production/sec 10 to 100 Trillion
Cooling Air flow 64 CFM
Power Rating 30W (Max)
Applicable Area 1,000 sq.ft
Applicable Air Volume 10,000 cubic ft.
Ozone Emission BDL (Meets the requirement of US EPA)
Body Shell Dielectric Material
Installation Wall Mount
Product Weight (Net/Gross) 5.8kg / 7.0kg
Life Cycle 5-7 yrs
Operating Voltage 230V/50Hz
Dimension L:250mm, OD:262mm
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Where to use

Corporate Offices
Bank ATMs
Hotel/Restaurant & Cafes
Shops & Commercial Establishments