MedSmart and MedScan


  • 3.5 inch LED display for temperature reading
  • Recording attendance in touch free method
  • Maintaining Social distancing
  • Adherence to face protection
  • Ensuring sanitization for all
  • Temperature measurement of individuals
  • Track and monitor through MedSmart dashboard and take preventive measures in real-time
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MedSmart Technical Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Type Specification
CPU 15Ghz 64bit
Memory 4GB RAM
OS Linux
Storage 64 GB
Camera 720p
Battery 10,000 mAH (8 hrs power back-up)
Network WiFi and Bluetooth Radio, LAN support
Tank Capacity 1 litre (Sanitizer)

IR Temp Sensor

PIR Sensor

Peristaltic Pump

IR Sensor

LED Display (3.5 inch)

Software Specifications

Deep Learning Algo: Neural Network
Central web and mobile based dashboard
Role Based views for Admins , Users and Groups
Configurable Alerts for Compliance
Face Recognition:
Capacity: 5000 faces
Accuracy: 99.23%
Offline support during no internet
Live Monitoring Device Status
Capability for customization to include more features

MedSmart Software Features

  • 1 Year subscription included
  • Easy to get started, takes 15 minutes to go live with remote technical support bundled
  • Central Web and Mobile Based Dashboard to monitor all locations for key safety compliances:
    face protection use, Sanitizer use, Contactless attendance, Body Temperature and Social Distancing
  • Role based views for Admins, Users and Groups and configurable alerts for compliances
  • Reporting available on dashboard in downloadable XLSX/CSV format
  • AI based Face Recognition with 5000 faces capacity at 99.93% accuracy
  • Attendance works locally without internet and will sync to the cloud once internet becomes available
  • Central APIs based on JSON to sync attendance information to HR system
  • Live monitoring of device status in central dashboard
  • Optional Customization: Capability to add more computer vision features using the same system
  • Optional Enterprise Server for hosting in data centers



Automated hand-sanitizer cum IR Theromometer

  • 1.2 inch LED display for temperature reading
  • Automatic Sanitiser dispenser
  • Automatic Temperature Measurement
  • 1 Lts capacity tank
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MedScan Hardware Specifications

Type Specification
Tank Capacity 1 litre ( Liquid Sanitizer or Liquid Soap)

IR Temp Sensor (-40 C to 125 C)

PIR Sensor (7 meters)

Perstaltic pump with silicone tube (100 mL/min)

IR Sensor (7 cm)

LED Display (1.2 inch)